2005-2007 Survey
World Armored Car Security Research
2005-2008 World Armored Car Survey  

The armoring market is maturing. Customers are becoming more and more educated about threat levels and proper armoring methods and materials.

New OEM’s have entered the market and more are considering it, either on their own or in a Joint Venture.

Testing and blast protection are items of huge concern: what do you need to know?

  • Who are the largest armor producers by threat level?
  • What should you demand if you are considering armor?
  • What about new technology?
  • Is the market growing, stagnant or contracting?

We answer these and MANY more questions in our latest Survey which includes forecasts and results from 2005 through early 2007. We also include one hour of conference call time per survey as we believe discussion and perception of the data are crucial to
clear understanding.


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