Project management
Project Management:
Ex-Patriot Protection

Far West Consulting Group has been building specialty vehicles for over 24 years for our clients' worldwide. This includes extended-wheelbase limousines, custom executive-class transporters and coaches, and the armored vehicles that we have specialized in for the past 15 years. During this period, we have witnessed and participated in the development of hybrid armor composites and transparent armor to insure that our clients achieve the best return for their investment. Since we no longer support a brick and mortar production facility, we are able to:

  • develop specifications on a mission-specific basis, and
  • select and supervise the builders who can meet the specs.

This is why Fortune 200 clients use our services as contracted Project Managers focusing on ex-patriot protection: we are not locked to any geography, builder loyalty or specific technology. We’ll get the vehicle produced closest to the end-users. We shield our clients identity so we get the best pricing and keep the vehicle confidential to prying eyes. We know who the experts are for particular requirements and we insure that EVERY vehicle is certified for the armor defeat level specified.

We work closely with our clients at each critical point in the process to:

  • develop appropriate, corporate mission specifications
  • submit and evaluate bids
  • review all contract documents
  • supervise the construction of the vehicle

Clients handle all funding directly- but only after we have authorized release of funds through documented inspections. This process universally saves the client more money than our fees and they are certain to get exactly what was specified. A “No Surprises” policy is crucial in armoring.

Unfortunately the armoring business today remains a "Buyer-Beware" marketplace. Many builders have little practical ballistic experience (regardless of their claims and literature) and most do not conduct proper materials testing. Possibly 1 out of 50 actually shoot their finished product to understand ballistic gaps and seams; since they are dealing with low-experience armor buyers, they are able to sell non-conforming product. Sadly, even some of "best" builders, who employ the proper ballistic materials, fail to install the products properly. The end results are clients who believe they are protected and are only marginally so, which is the most dangerous scenario.

Our job is to act as agency for the client and insure they get exactly what they need and pay for regardless of the selected builder. We have zero allegiances within the industry; we simply select the best company FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE and investigation through the bid submission process.

Far West Consulting Group is the originator and publisher of the World Armored Car Survey purchased by vehicle manufacturers worldwide as the most comprehensive source of accurate armor production statistics. We have personally visited and inspected every major armoring company in the world- both private and OEM, and fully understand “best practices”..